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Herbal Zero

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£11.99 / 34ml ZERO %

Non tobacco herbal ZERO E-Liquid. With nice throat hit



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Number of ratings: 10
Average rating: 5
from Anonymous on 18/06/2018
from Anonymous on 03/05/2018
love the taste of this oil, also seems to last longer than other oil I've used
from Anonymous on 07/02/2017
This is a dream, I love this
from Anonymous on 15/10/2016
Hi People I have been using this herbal a few years, so I should give them the credit for not smoking tobacco.
It stoped me me smoking cigs, the taste and flavour is very pleasant, I love this herbal, keek up the good work guys.
from Anonymous on 28/03/2016
I also have been using this for years as I missed the throat hit from other liquids and also find them too sweet. This liquid is great value and tastes good too. I always point new vapers in the direction of this liquid.
The only e-liquid I will ever use
from Anonymous on 25/04/2015
I'm another one who has been exclusively using this herbal e-liquid for nearly 3 years, and it has thankfully kept me off the cigarettes all this time.

When I first started vaping I went through a year of hell because I experienced such intense side-effects from the various e-liquid ingredients, which didn't ease up no matter how much I watered down my liquids (heart-palpitations, arrhythmia, breathing difficulties, anxiety symptoms, acid reflux/chest pain, dehydration and an all-round feeling of being unwell).

When I switched to this herbal e-liquid the symptoms all improved dramatically, and when I dilute mine with distilled water then they disappear completely. On the rare occasion I'll still feel a bit sketchy with a rapid heartbeat, but this is only ever after I have been chain-vaping for extended periods so it's completely of my own doing.

As it stands, this herbal e-liquid is the only product that gives me the throat hit I crave without any of the inherent unpleasantness. It tastes really nice too and customer service has always been top-notch throughout these past few years. As such, I'll be a life-long customer and am indebted to you for keeping me off the ciggies with such a great product! =)
from Anonymous on 10/01/2015
My daily vape for almost three years now. And when somebody asks me for advice I highly recommend it.
Thanx for Herbal Liquid!
Without Herbal I would have been smoking tobacco.
from Anonymous on 26/02/2014
I was looking for a "throaty" hit as i find the flavoured liquids by themselves taste nice but are weak on the throat. I used to take big drags of a cigarette when i was having a drink, this liquid gives that throaty hit, i just mix it with a flavoured liquid and it is perfect!
from Anonymous on 29/09/2013
As you can see i have already done a review, but i feel i did not explain certain things properly. i said the bottle some times leak, but that was only twice and i was sent a new bottle the very same day i contacted the company. would highly suggest you give this e-juice a try, you wont be disapointed.
excellent would recommend to all
from Anonymous on 03/09/2013
I have been a customer with you for a number of years now and would not buy off anyone else. I have only one suggestion , some time when delivered the liquid seeps out of the bottle, the reason is the hole in the bottle is sometimes to large and causes it to leak. the quality and service is excellent. thank you. It would be great if you sold 100ml bottles.